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Gay Men and Porn with Don Shewey

April 22, 2022 Buck Dodson Season 1 Episode 48
Gay Men's Life Lab with Buck Dodson
Gay Men and Porn with Don Shewey
Show Notes

Join me for this engaging and important conversation about porn, sex, masturbation, and most importantly, pleasure. I’m talking with Don Shewey, a psychotherapist, pleasure activist and author of The Paradox of Porn: Notes on Gay Male Sexual Culture.

Tune in to hear Don and I discuss:

  • His journey to being a pleasure activist and Sacred Intimate
  • The integral yet complex role pornography plays in gay men’s self-discovery
  • How porn both helps and hinders our views of our bodies, sexuality, and relationships
  • Learning to distinguish sex, porn and masturbation
  • The role of pleasure and desire in addressing issues with porn


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